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Become Your Own Boss

Own A Restaurant is the perfect opportunity to bring your passion for burgers to life. With our comprehensive franchising and expansion programs, you can easily become the proud owner of a Sam's Grill. We will provide you with the necessary resources and support to make sure your business is a success. With our help, you will be able to expand your restaurant to new locations, enabling you to reach more customers and grow your business. Take the first step today and join Sam's Grill Burgers & Poutine!

Sam's Grill Franchising

Sam's Grill Program

Join the brand that serves the freshest burgers in awesome portions at a great price!  Come see why we're the next big thing in the burger and poutine restaurant category.

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Leave the permits, construction, and landlord matters to us. Our team takes care of these aspects, and we conduct a marketing campaign to generate awareness and excitement. Your journey to opening is in capable hands.

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From order placement to food prep, our detailed training ensures top-notch customer service. We cover reporting, employee management, and strict adherence to Sam's Grill policies for a consistently exceptional experience.

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Our training equips you with the skills to smoothly handle daily operations, ensuring tasks are completed promptly and efficiently.

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From the soft opening to the grand opening and beyond, we implement diverse campaigns and marketing strategies. Enjoy continuous promotions, daily deals, and enticing offers to keep the excitement alive every day.

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We ensure a smooth purchasing backend, so everything is ready to go. We organize and streamline the process before handing it over to you, ensuring a hassle-free transition.

Own a Sam's Grill Today!

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  • Do you offer delivery services?
    Absolutely! We have partnered with Skip The Dishes, UberEats, and Doordash, providing you with the convenience of ordering through their platforms for prompt and efficient food delivery.
  • Do you provide catering services?
    Yes! We offer catering services for a variety of events and corporate events. We offer individually bagged meals or items on a platter for everyone to share. Please contact one of our locations for more details on our catering services. We look forward to making your event a delicious success!
  • Are your fries fresh or frozen?
    Our fries are hand-cut from locally sourced potatoes obtained from nearby farms. We believe in delivering quality, and our commitment to using fresh, locally grown produce sets our fries apart for a delicious and authentic taste.
  • Are your beef burgers 100% fresh, or are they frozen?
    Our beef burgers are proudly 100% fresh! Each patty is hand-pressed daily in-house, ensuring the highest quality. Every meal is crafted to order, promising a perfect, mouthwatering experience. Indulge in our Regular burger or elevate your taste buds with the irresistible Super Burger, complete with delectable toppings. Discover the freshness and flavor with every bite!
  • Do you offer franchises?
    Yes! Join our rapidly expanding chain of delicious homemade food. Be part of a passionate team and grow beyond the ordinary fast-food experience.
  • What kind of burgers do you offer? Are they customizable? What's the selection for your burgers, are they customizable?
    Our burger menu features a variety, including Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Veggie options. The best part? You can customize your burger by choosing your preferred toppings to tailor it to your taste. Enjoy a personalized burger experience at Sam’s Grill!
  • Do you offer vegetarian gravy?
    Yes, our only gravy that we offer in all our products is vegetarian - soy based. Renowned for its unique flavor, it has become a signature element of our poutines and other offerings. Enjoy the delicious taste of our distinctive vegetarian gravy!
  • Do you have gluten-friendly or vegan options?
    Our gluten-friendly option includes the Gluten-Friendly Bun, available upon request when placing your order. However, we do not have exclusively vegan options available at this time
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