Burgers & Fries

Our fryer section begins with offering one of the most staple food types of the contemporary world: BURGERS! We offer authentic homemade burgers that are served fresh. Our delicious burgers are sure to fill your taste buds and keep you for wanting more. You can also choose our popular fresh cut fries as a side option. Our fries are made out of fresh yellow-skinned potatoes and are blanched to keep their authenticity. They are then served fresh on each and every order.


$3.49 (Junior)   |   $4.49 (Regular)   |   $5.49 (Super)

Hamburger with Cheese
$4.29 (Junior)   |   $5.29 (Regular)   |   $6.29 (Super)

Pulled Pork Burger

Chicken Finger Burger

Veggie Burger

Montreal Smoked Meat on Rye Bread

Extra Items
$0.80 (Extra Cheese)   |   $0.80 (Extra Bacon)

Fresh-Cut Fries & Sides

Fresh-Cut Fries
$2.99 (Small)   |   $4.99 (Large)

Onion Rings
$3.99 (Small)   |   $6.99 (Large)

Mushroom Cap
$4.99 (Small)   |   $8.99 (Large)