All at One Place – Homemade Food

Yes, it’s really a fresh experience!

SamSub and Fryer offers a very versatile menu of fresh mouth-watering food. From sub sandwiches to wraps and paninis, our new expanded collection now consists of fresh 100% beef Burgers, fresh-cut fries, 10 Specialty poutines, fish & chips, chicken fingers & wings and much more…! Our COMBO’s that include fries & Poutines are most popular.

We serve Homemade food in a family environment. Our signature dishes are Sam’s Super burger Poutine combo with pulled pork poutine. Don’t leave without trying Newfie Mess. It must be tested to be believed. There is a lot more to SamSub and Fryer then Subs! Everything that we make is homemade from our burgers to hand cut fries that also included our delicious chilli & Pulled Pork. All our items are made fresh and served with the customer -your- satisfaction in mind.

Check out a few of our variety of menu items below:

Subs / Sandwiches

SamSub has the most authentic and traditional subs available today. We pride on offering recipes that consist only of fresh ingredients. On our garnishing table the sub is dressed to perfection: just the right amount of crisp lettuce, onion, tomato and other veggies fit for you. Our special dressing is unique when it comes to flavour and due to our perfectly toasted sandwiches, there is no substitute to our hot and toasted subs. We have a wide selection of sandwiches to cater to all types, ages and tastes of customers.


To make your wrap simple, you can choose any small sub from our menu and convert it into a wrap with your choice of dressings.

Panini Sandwiches

Our most popular Panini sandwiches are grilled and served hot. They can be packed with fillings such as grilled chicken with roasted red pepper, turkey, ham or our most popular hummus veggie.

Burgers & Fries

Our fryer section begins with offering one of the most staple food types of the contemporary world: BURGERS! We offer authentic homemade burgers that are served fresh. Our delicious burgers are sure to fill your taste buds and keep you for wanting more. You can also choose our popular fresh cut fries as a side option. Our fries are made out of fresh yellow-skinned potatoes and are blanched to keep their authenticity. They are then served fresh on each and every order.


Sam’s Fryer offers a huge selection of specialty poutine to serve your appetite. Our poutine is made from fresh cut fries and is topped with delicious gravy and cheese curds. It is offered in different sizes ranging from small to family size to allow you to fulfill your craving. Be amazed at our variety and make sure to try it. We are sure you won`t stop at just one.

Pulled Pork Burger & Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

For those who are meat lovers, don’t miss our homemade Pulled pork burger and sliced Montreal Smoked meat sandwich on Rye bread.